A downloadable game for Windows

Stealforge™ has released its new, free game, Treasure Raid™, for Windows PC's

October 20, 2014 - Brisbane QLD - Stealforge™ has released its new game, Treasure Raid™, for Windows PCs for free.

Treasure Raid™ is a unique 2.9D Platformer that offers the player a new way to traverse the landscape: Layers. You can jump over several different layers to find different ways to explore the world around you. Treasure and wealth await those who are brave enough to explore these areas.

"Treasure Raid is shaping to be a fun puzzle platformer with more layers than an onion in a 3 piece suit." (Alpha Beta Gamer)

Treasure Raid is based on the adventures of a noble thief, Lief. Lief must use his skills in archery, stealing, and platforming to help steal from the rich, and save his impoverished village. Run through eight unique levels, and try to collect as much treasure as you can. The amount of treasure Lief steals, and how much of the village is restored, is completely up to you. Each building you restore in the village will grant you gameplay bonuses consisting of; new arrows, treasure multipliers, and much more.

Install instructions

Simply run the install.exe to install Treasure Raid!


install.exe 153 MB